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About Pseudoname

What is Pseudoname?

At it's core, Pseudoname is a free, disposable email alias generating service. Pseudoname allows you to link your email address to custom aliases. These aliases can be used to sign up for online services and offer a layer of protection between the services and your private information.

Do you read my emails? Can I trust your service?

No, we never see your emails. We couldn't read them even if we wanted to — and we don't. Your emails are your business. We want to truly be as transparent as possible, so we made the code for Pseudoname open-source (that means that it's published online for you non-techy folks). The code for the website itself is located here and the code for the back-end service, which is where all the magic happens, is located here. You are also welcome to review our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use your data. If you have any questions that are not covered by these links, feel free to shoot us an email, we'd love to talk more about it! 😊

How much does it cost?

Pseudoname is 100% free to use. Pseudoname was originally designed to be a passion project for a graduate student, but that student has since graduated and can now offer this service freely to the public.

If you like Pseudoname and would like to keep the service free, please consider making a small donation via the button below:

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How does it work?

Pseudoname provides its users will email aliases that they can use to create online user accounts. This allows users to be protected in the case of data breaches and other online attacks.

What is an email alias? How is it different than a new email address?

Email aliases are fake email addresses that can be used like just real email addresses. However, when an email is sent to an email alias, it is forwarded to the user's real email address. Aliases give you the benefit of using multiple email addresses without the headache of managing them all.

Why should I care if all my accounts share a common email?

In the modern era of weekly data breaches, it's only a matter of time until one of your accounts is compromised. When this happens, hackers will easily be able to use your email and password to login to all your accounts. Using Pseudoname offers you protection that can solve this problem.

Doesn't using unique passwords solve the problem that Pseudoname addresses?

Using unique passwords certainly helps, however it does not fully solve the issue. Security experts agree that each user account should use unique emails and unique passwords.